2022 - 2023

Ignite – Greenwood High Fest

The students of NPS HSR had a field day at the Greenwood high fest held on 8th November by winning the basketball event in the girls’ category.

Nihaar Achievement

Nihaar Suresh Kumar(9D) from NPS HSR participated in U14 National Tennis Tournament conducted by MSLTA in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Battling it out with the top 100 players in the country, Nihaar made it to the semi-finals of the doubles tournament. In the singles tournament, he defeated seed 2 player in Round 1 and lost a closely contested match in Round 2. Congratulations Nihaar! May you bring many more laurels home.

Invictus - DPS EAST Fest

Our students brought home the overall runners-up trophy from the fancied fest “Invictus” held on 20th and 21st of October, 2022 by winning prizes in most of the categories.

The 11th and 12th grade team of Ananya Narayanan,Ananya Saxena, Vanshika T, Disha Raj, Ruhi Chipre slipped into their characters in the theatre event and came first.

Cameras rolled in style for the film event and the participants drawn from 11 and 12, Ada Pai, Surya Maheshwaran, Aslesha Mohanty, Nyssa Bansal, Sourajit Banerjee and Ribhav Dhankani got the best angles and won the first prize.

The quiz wizards of grade 12Mithilesh Sai Yechuri, Samarth Reddy, Meghashyam Mamidi, Rahul Bhat, Aditya Sharma and Atharv Kaushik, rose to the occasion by winning the first prize.

Rithika Kurkimat and Avani Dwivedi of grade 12 bagged the second and third prizes in the dance event while Dipsmita Sengupta and Divisha Sharma laughed all the way to the second and third places in the stand-up comedy event.

Raghav Pande of grade 11 encrypted and decrypted to win the third prize in the coding event and the 10th grade duo Tanya Roy and Navya Gupta came third in the art event.

Soumya Midha and Shivaani Bhat bagged the third prize for the question mark event.

Shreyas katuri, Naisha Tandon, Kriti Verma, Anggadh Anil, Avni Miyan, Tanya Grover, Suraj, Avani Dwivedi and Rithika Kurkimat, the grade 12 fashionistas scorched the ramp to take the second prize for the fashion show event.

The design quartet, Tanya Verma, Poorvi Nanneboina, Dhruvika S and Krisha Singh of 10th grade won the second prize in the design event. Tara George and Anshul Bhagwat, a 11 and 12 grade combination worked their way to the second spot in the Deutsch-Language event.


Prizes poured like meteor shower at the Xavage event hosted by TISB on 20th of October, 2022. The students did the school proud by putting up a magnificent show in the folllowing events:

  1. Ready, Set, Sell - 1st place - Lakshmi Sundaresh 12C, Stuti Almal 11C, Mokshita Reddy 11 C, Kshitika 11D
  2. 21 (Economics Quiz) - 1st place - Harsh Mittal 12C, Aditya Gulavani 12C
  3. Bulls and Bears - Special mention - Anggadha Anil
  4. Courting - 3rd place - Pranav 12A, Aryan Dixit 12B, Mihika Joshi 11C

Niharika walks away with one gold and two silver medals!

Niharika R of Grade8 D secured one gold and two silver medals, respectively, in Yoga- Artistic Pair, Artistic Solo and Rhythmic Pair categories, conducted by Karnataka Yogasana Sports Association at Dr. Rajkumar House on 20 and 21 August 2022. Niharika is among the chosen few to represent the state at the national event. We wish Niharika all the very best for the competition.

VIVUM – TISB, 11th, 12th and 13th August, 2022

There was a rich haul of medals at the VIVUM cultural fest of TISB with our teams winning prizes in street play, film making and slam poetry. Street play was represented by Ananya Narayanan, Ananya Saxena, Mokshita Reddy, Prishim Luhadiya, Vanshika Thacker and Naisha Tandon of grades 11 and 12 and they won the first prize. Aryan Dixit, Surya Maheswaran, Shloka Nandakumar, Namya Asija and Ada Pai (grades 9 to 12) romped home with the second prize in film making while the trio from grades 11 and 12, Anushka Thakur, Medha Girish and Kshitika Pradhan came third in slam poetry and were the winners of Basketball girls(Under 18).

NPS RNR MUN 4th, 5th and 6th August, 2022

In the recently held NPS RNR MUN, the team of Navya, and Neel of grade 10, Aarush Pandey Sanvi Ahuja, Anaga Anil and Tanmay Baid of grade 8 did the school proud by winning coveted positions such as outstanding delegates, best delegates and special mentions. Their achievements are commendable and the school wishes them more such laurels in future.

Madhav Dixit

Madhav Dixit (9A) from NPS HSR is the Runners Up in the U-18 boys' doubles category of the All India Tennis Association Challenger Series (CS-7) held at Imphal District Tennis Academy. The school congratulates him for his remarkable achievement.

National level of the U Genius Quiz conducted by the Union Bank of India

It was a proud moment for National Public School HSR when Ojas A Hayatnagarkar and Aditya Kathait of grade 9 were the 2nd Runners up in the National level of the U Genius Quiz conducted by the Union Bank of India in Mumbai recently. They won a cash prize of Rs 25000 along with glittering trophies. They had earlier won the Bangalore city round from amongst 140 schools in Bengaluru. Kudos to the duo!

NPS INR Regium

the overall championship award coming to NPS HSR. The students made the cut in events such as The Magnum Opus, Acappella, Mission C - escape room and Turing – cryptography.

Here is the snapshot of the winners and the events:

  • Magnum Opus-Theatre - Ruhi Chipre, K.Mokshita Reddy, Ananya Narayanan, Vanshika Thacker, Ananya Saxena (grades 11 and 12)
  • Acappella - Shrivali Chakraborty, Ananya Sridharan, Alaayza Shihab, Nitya Siri Bharath, Pranshu Goel and Nandita Nair (grades 11 and 12)
  • Mission C - Diya S, Stuti Almal, Vaishnavi Sridhar (grades 11 and 12)
  • Turing - Aarshi Adak, Sunaina and Surabhi Mallena (grades 11 and 12)
  • 7 Deadly sins dance - Meghali Dutta and Roshni S (grades 10 and 12)

Ultimatum NAFL Fest, 29th and 30th July, 2022

The commerce and humanities fest of NAFL saw a plethora of prizes being won by our students. Naman and Anggadha of grade 12B and C walked away with the first prize in Ceteris paribus while the team of Vaishnavi, 12C and Diya P, 12D were awarded the third prize in the journalism event. Harsh of 12C and Sameer of 12D came third in Ready, set and invest.

Ilina wins First Prize

Ilina of Grade 8 from NPS HSR won the first prize in the 2022 International Music Competition 'Salzburg' Grand Prize Virtuoso. She was invited to perform in the prestigious Solitar, Mozarteum, Salzburg on July 9th. It was a moment of pride for the school.

Bethany Junior College Model UN Conference

In the Bethany Junior College Model UN Conference held on 8th and 9th July 2022, the team comprising Arjyo Dutta and Pranav Reddy M of grade 12 was declared the best delegation – Syria UNHRC. They powered their way to win the coveted position in an intense verbal duel

Vihaan Saini of Grade 11 B secures bronze medal

Vihaan Saini of Grade 11 B secured bronze medal in the 10 meter Air Rifle Team Event, Youth Category, in the 10th Karnataka state shooting competition. The competition held in July between the 8th and 17th at the Sports Authority of India complex in Bengaluru saw an intense battle amongst the shooters and Vihaan’s team clinched the bronze in a nail biting finish. The school wishes Vihaan many more laurels in the years to come