2017 - 2018


Maithili Banginwar of 12A and Sanil Navar of 12 C were awarded Letters of Commendation for outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT / National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in 2017. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Science Olympiad Foundation - Zonal / School Toppers

In the Olympiads conducted by SOF, students of NPS HSR have secured meritorious positions and won medals for their achievements.

National Cyber Olympiad

Name of the Student / Grade Zonal Rank School Rank Medal - International/Zonal/School
Sanjana Gupta, Grade 1 - 1 Gold
Ayan Balaji Kani, Grade 2 2 1 Bronze
Aayush Gupta, Grade 3 - 1 Gold
Suhani Kotdiya, Grade 4 - 1 Gold
Soham Tiwari, Grade 5 6 1 Gold

International English Olympiad

Name of the Student / Grade Zonal Rank School Rank Medal - International/Zonal/School
Trikuthi Bharath, Grade 1 1 1 Gold
Gauri S. Nair, Grade 2 1 1 Gold
Aayush Gupta, Grade 3 1 1 Gold
Anjali Jain, Grade 3 1 1 Gold
Ilina Mukherjee, Grade 3 1 1 Gold
Ved V . Wamorkar, Grade 4 9 1 Gold
Aathreya Venkatachalam, Grade 5 1 1 Gold

National Science Olympiad

Name of the Student / Grade Zonal Rank School Rank Medal - International/Zonal/School
Harshita Goyal, Grade 1 - 1 Gold
Ayushi Gon, Grade 2 - 1 Gold
Ilina Mukherjee, Grade 3 3 1 Gold
Ojas Abhijit Hayatnagarkar, Grade 4 12 1 Gold
Pratham Krishna Prabhu, Grade 5 - 1 Gold
Kenisha Tufchi, Grade 5 - 1 Gold

International Mathematics Olympiad

Name of the Student / Grade Zonal Rank School Rank Medal - International/Zonal/School
Sanjana Gupta, Grade 1 3 1 Bronze
Ayan Balaji Kani, Grade 2 11 1 Gold
Nithya Sandeep, Grade 3 1 1 Gold
Elena Das, Grade 4 - 1 Gold
Pratham Krishna Prabhu, Grade 5 - 1 Gold

International General Knowledge Olympiad

Name of the Student / Grade Zonal Rank School Rank Medal - International/Zonal/School
Devarsh Roshin, Grade 1 2 1 Bronze
Gauri. S. Nair, Grade 2 - 1 Gold
Tannmay Kumar Baid, Grade 3 - 1 Gold
Samriddhi Viswanathan, Grade 4 - 1 Gold
Narayan D. Menon, Grade 5 - 1 Gold

Centre for Teacher Accreditation

NPS HSR celebrates yet another remarkable achievement by its teachers who were winners in the CENTA Teaching Professional’s Olympiad (TPO). NPS HSR received a Certificate of Appreciation for being one of the schools with a number of winners, given that TPO 2017 saw the participation of teachers from about 2000 cities, town and villages across India and also from Dubai.

The results of our teachers are given below:
Ms. Lekshmi Rakesh secured a National Subject Rank of 3 in High School Physics, Ms. Shincy Cijo secured a rank of 14 in High School Maths, Ms. Meenakshi Nair obtained Rank 26 Rank in Middle School Social Studies and Swetha Srivastava got a subject Rank of 44 in High School Chemistry.

Congratulations Teachers!

Parikrma Address School Health Awards 2017

National Public School, HSR was awarded The Parikrma Address School Health Awards and inducted into The Parikrma Address School Health hall of fame by Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

The school was rewarded for taking care of the holistic development of the child, where the mental, physical and psychological needs of the students are given priority. They appreciated the regular hygiene checkup conducted by the school, the maintenance of clean toilets, availability of clean drinking water, promotion of fresh, healthy and indigenous food, presence of a trained nurse and counsellor and having a well-equipped infirmary. They also recognized the school’s approach to maintain a clean surrounding.

Resurgence 2017

(Annual Commerce and Economics Fest hosted by Bishop Cotton Boys’ School)

Our teams of aspirants won several laurels for the school at the Fest.
Medha Ajay, Jyotsna and Vrinda from Grade 12 won the 2nd place in the "Triangle of Trade" event,
and Nishant, Shreyes Srinivasan, Jnanendra and Anirudh Kar from Grade 11 won the 3rd place in the "E-Bizz" event

New Horizon MUN 2017

Our students earned various positions worthy of mention and won trophies in The Model United Nations organized by New Horizon School.

Delegation 1
Name of the Student
Anish Pandey
Aditya Balakrishnan
Sharanya Seth
Ojasvi Bhagwat
Param Luhadiya
UNSC (Best Honourable Delegate)
UNHRC (Special Mention)
ECO-SOC (Special Mention)
IPC (Best Position Papers)
Delegation 2
Name of the Student
Keerthana Ambat
K. Vishveshwar Reddy
Arnav Aditya Singh
Sanjana Sandeep Dixit
Dhruv Saxena
UNHRC (Special Position Papers)
ECO-SOC (Special Mention)

Chess Championship

Vaibhav Kalpaka of 3A

  • Represented India in the Common Wealth Chess Championship 2017 held in New Delhi in the under 8 open category scoring 3.5 points out of 7 rounds and secured the 21st place in the merit list.
  • Participated in the Karnataka State under 9 Chess Championship 2017 organised by Mysore Chess Centre and scored 6.5 points out of 9. He was placed 10th
  • Participated in Karnataka Fide rating rapid Chess Championship and stood second in the under 8 category.
  • Participated in the Akshay Kalpa Children’s Chess conducted by the Innovators Chess Academy. He stood 2nd.

Chitrakala Sangam

Aastha Shah 10C

Aastha Shah of Grade 10 C proudly exhibited her painting, ‘The Road Less Travelled’ along with other artists’ creations at the annual art exhibition Chitrakala Sangam, held at Chitrakala Parishath. The painting won the 2nd prize based on voting by participating artists.

Congratulations Aastha!

Christ Junior College MUN

The performance of our students at Christ Junior College MUN was brilliant.

Anish Pandey and Adithya Balakrishnan - Best Delegates
K. Vishveshwar Reddy - Honourable Delegate
NPS Team - Best Delegation

Engenius - 2017

NPS – INR Literature Fest

Our students won laurels at ‘ENGENIUS’, the Literature Fest organized by NPS – INR.

The team comprising of Adarsh Arun, Isha Rajesh, Pradyut Sood and N. Saketh bagged the Second Prize with their commendable performance in the Drama event, ‘Retake’.

Congratulations to the winning team!

Carnatic Music

Smrithi V of 12C

Smrithi V of 12C received the Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Senior Award for Excellence in Carnatic Music – Vocal in the Vocal (Seniors) category & Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/-

Art in Me

Nandita Vittala of 3C

Nandita Vittala of 3C participated in Hobitute ‘Art in Me’, which is an annual interschool talent identification and recognition programme in ‘Drawing and Painting.’ She received special mention by the Jury in Category I

Junior Golf Championships

Soham Tiwari of 7B

Soham Tiwari of 7B has won the Junior Golf Championships, 2017 held by the The Indian Golf Union - Winner in South Zone. He has also won the India Cements Jr. Golf Championship, Chennai and Headstart Friendship Games, Bangalore.

Khoj KRM 2017 – The Last Theorem

Our students - Sashank K, D. Adithya and Mihika B. of Grade 12 - bagged the 3rd position at the prestigious event.


Our team comprising of Durbha Aditya, Akshay Oppiliappan and Aryan Razdan of Grade 12, clinched the First place in the Chemwizards event.

Presidency Challenge Cup – 2017

Shrivali Chakraborty

Shrivali Chakraborty of Grade 6 bagged the Second Prize in the Wordsmith event.

CBSE - WWF - India Wild Wisdom Quiz 2017

Students of NPS HSR bagged the 3rd Prize in the Primary Category and the 4th place in the Middle School Category in the prestigious event.


XAVAGE - 2017

Business Fest at TISB

Our students have performed exceptionally well and bagged several awards in different categories:
In The Inquirer event, Aadithi Arasu (12C) (Best Tweet Award) baggged the 1st position
In the Business Quiz Devavrath and Rohan Dias of Grade 12 bagged the 1st position
In the Silicon Valley Best company event, Aayush Varma and Anirudh Kar of Grade 11 bagged the 1st position
In the Who wants to be the Billionaire Challenge, Aishani Garg, Ritesh Tota, Sakshi Chandak and Yash Ramgopal of Grade 12 bagged the 2nd position
In the Madison Avenue event, Prithik Karthikeyan, Sameer Chadha of Grade 12 and Kasturi Katale of Grade 11 bagged the 3rd position
In the EU Summit event, Simona Bhagat and Keethana Ambat of Grade 11 came 3rd.


Hasura Fellowship

Tushar Chennan of 10B

At an early age, Tushar Chennan of Grade 10B, wanted to make an impact in the tech world and has been systematically carving out a path towards this goal. After an introductory programming course in school, he has gone from learning basic python skills to building fully functioning apps for organizations and competitions.

Tushar has now landed himself in the Hasura Product Development Fellowship- a spot offered to the top 550 of the 127,000 students who attended the previous session of IMAD.

Congratulations Tushar!