2019 - 2020

Inter-school Story Telling Competition

"A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age."

Storytelling is the best medium of engaging and educating children. They talk about our culture and the moral values. JSS Public School organized an Interschool Story Telling Competition on 26 August 2019. Our Pre- primary students participated in the competition and narrated moral based stories. These young storytellers made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation to make their stories expressive and interesting.

New York Academy of Science – Junior academy

Nandita Rakesh and Riddhi Chatterjee of grade 9 D, Ravi Arora of grade 9 B and Advik Raj of grade 10 A did their school proud by qualifying to the second round of the celebrated New York Academy of Science – Junior Academy competition. The participants had the opportunity to collaborate with over 3000 students worldwide from 94 countries on virtual challenges sponsored by leading companies. The event was hosted on NYAS innovation platform Launchpad. Spanning time zones, cultures, and disciplines, this competition enabled teams of solvers to work together, share ideas, fine-tune designs, and ultimately harness the most effective concepts and put them to the test. Our talented students showcased their acumen to provide workable solutions for real world problems of the 21st century and make them better prepared for the jobs of the future.


It was a excellent outing for our students in the inter school extravaganza “Helix” conducted by NPS Koramangala on the 21st of August, 2019. Putting their best feet forward, NPS HSR romped off in style by winning the overall championship trophy.

The scintillating performance of the dance troupe of Ananya Bhammar, Divyaansh Dulles, Shriya Gupta, all from grade 12 and Disha Pandey, Paridhi Agarwal and Ananya Sarangi of grade 11 won the first prize in “Drop the base”, the dance event.

Nakul Chandra and Risheet Senapathy of grade 12 struck gold at the intellectually curated business quiz “Manuso” winning the first prize with great aplomb.

In “Malady Mania’, Chinmayi Nayak and Diya R Bashetty of grade 12 pulled out all the stops to win the first prize.

12th graders Neeraj Joshi, Lavanya Reddy and Radhika secured the third place in the tantalizing quiz on diagnosis of diseases called “Fauna”, the biology event.

Krishna Goel, Pooja Ravi of grade 12 and Tanay Naidu of 11th grade became the business tycoons and wolves at the mock stock event called ‘Wall street’ by grabbing the second prize.

In the Economics event called ‘Pitch Please’, Shreya Krishnan and Sanjana Dixit of grade 12 pulled one off in style by winning the third prize.

The winning streak continued with Aditi Raghuraman and Sanjana Gandhi of grade 12 bagging the third prize at “Inquisitive” event.

At the Math event called ‘Eulers Den’, grade 12 students, Tushar Chenan, Kalp Vyas and Svatejas Shivakumar emerged victorious winning the trophy hands down!

Hearty Congratulations to all the star performers who did our school proud!


It was a spectacular showing by our students at the TISB inter school carnival “VIVUM” held on 13th and 14th of August. The students stole the thunder in many events and reaped a rich haul of medals. The celebrated team of Ishaan Mishra, Param Luhadiya, Dhruv Bhatia of grade 11 and Saketh N of grade 12 won the coveted first prize in ‘street play’. Tushar Chenan, Pranava Singhal, Kalp Vyas and Shri Vishnu Rajagopal, all from grade 12 jammed others to win ‘Code Jam’. The fashionistas Paridhi Agarwal of grade 11, Tanmayee Verma, Sharanya Seth and Shriya Nair scorched the ramp to win the ‘fashion show’. The best actress was awarded to Sunanda G of grade 10 and the best director was bagged by Jishnu D and Nikita D of grade 12.

It was a triumphant day at the sporting arena as well with the students putting up winning performances in badminton and tennis. The boys’ team comprising of Adarsh Arun of grade 12, Vidhwan Jarkali of grade 12 and 10th grade student Divit Chawla lifting the tennis championship trophy. Not to be left behind, the badminton girls’ team of Ananya Gaonkar, and Shreya J of grade 11 along with Niyati Arun and Hima S of grade 10 put up a sterling show to bag the second prize.


The students of NPS HSR had a field day at the event “Napsonic” organized by NPS RNR. In this cultural extravaganza, the team comprising of Disha Pandey of Grade 11 and Alina Joe of Grade 12 walked away with the top honours in the western musical event ‘Heart & Soul’. Their mesmerizing rendition brought the house down with loud cheers of appreciation from the audience. Archit Garg, Jishnu Dhar Chowdhury and Anaya Bhammar of Grade 12 captured the attention of the jury with their pixel perfect pictures and were adjudged second in the photography event aptly titled ‘Capture’.


At the recently held inter school cultural festival organized by The Deens Academy, our school had an action-packed day that culminated in the team winning the treasure hunt aptly called as Action Quest. The adventurous 8th graders Krishna Nayak, Daksh Chandra, Varun Batra and Arushi Tandon, were top notch and walked away with the first prize. In the debating event titled “Turncoat”, Gargi B Jahagirdar and Aarushi Gupta of 8th grade deliberated well to win the second prize.

New Horizon MUN

NPS HSR earned lot of credits at the New Horizon School MUN for our brilliant oratory. Aryan Dixit of Grade 9 was declared as the Outstanding Delegate for his eloquent articulation and critical thinking. Siddharth Chandak of grade 10 bagged the Honourable Delegate title for his impeccable and distinguished presentation. Sampada Guha, and Yuva Verdia of grade 9, and Prem Sagar of grade 10 earned a special mention during the event.

Bhatia Shield

The celebrated debating event “Bhatia Shield” hosted by the Georgian Association of the Rashtriya Military School saw the best speakers from various schools deliberating on the motion “Whether strict parenting is essential for the development of a child”. Bhatia Shield, one of the oldest debating challenges had a distinguished panel of judges drawn from Toastmaster’s India evaluating the verbal wrangles, arguments and rebuttals on the theme. Aditya Balakrishnan of grade 12, talked his way through the proposition to win the third prize with a power packed volley of words. He did his school proud by winning the coveted prize.


CodeWars is a HPE-hosted computer science programming competition for high school students. Our team comprising of Kalp Vyas, Pranava Singhal and Tushar Brijesh Chenan of Grade 12 participated in the event that posed a wide range of programming challenges to teams of amateur developers,.and bagged the first place out of around 100 teams across Bengaluru.


CodeWars is a HPE-hosted computer science programming competition for high school students. Our team comprising of Kalp Vyas, Pranava Singhal and Tushar Brijesh Chenan of Grade 12 participated in the event that posed a wide range of programming challenges to teams of amateur developers,.and bagged the first place out of around 100 teams across Bengaluru.


Four teams comprising of Chaitanya Manas Cheedella, Manasa Narula, Kalp Vyas, Srivishnu Rajgopal, Pranava Singhal, Ila Manish, Chinmayee Nayak, Allen Joel Lobo and Srishti Goel Tushar Chenan, Divyaansh Dulles, Anaya Bhammar, Paridhi Agarwal, Neha Reji and Perie Pai of Grades 11 and participated in events such as Enigma, Bedlam, Ratiocinate and Step(X) in NPS INR interschool fest MATHTRIX. All the four teams bagged the first positions thus winning the overall trophy. Kudos to the teams.

Amaatra Academy Mun - Honourable Delegate

Tanay of 11D took part in the MUN organized by Amaatra Academy on 14 th June . He represented Pakistan in the United Nations Office on drugs and crime. He won the Honourable Delegate Award. Well done Tanay!


On the 22nd and 23rd of June, our students participated in the MUN organized by Cambridge school. They have maintained the winning streak and won laurels for the school. Dhruv Bhatia-Commendable delegate, Anjaneya Bajaj-Outstanding delegate, Shaina Dulles, Prishim Luhadiya, Anantharaman S, Ishaan Rai. Pradyut Sood gets the verbal recognition for his active participation in the MUN.

Soham Agrawal - Winner & Third - 95th Albatross Golf Championship India 2019& Indian Junior Golf Tour

Soham Agrawal is the proud winner of the 95thalbatross golf championship India 2019& Indian junior golf tour held at Eagleton Golf Resort Bangalore on May 9 and 10 2019.A trophy was awarded for this remarkable achievement. Soham was also the third position at Indian Junior Golf Tour held at Clover Greens Bangalore on April 2019.

Niharika R. - Gold Medal at World Yoga Festival

NPS,HSR is proud to announce that Niharika R. of grade 5 A secured the Gold Medal in the 8-12 category at the 4th World Yoga Festival and Championship Organised by the World Real Yoga Alliance under the auspices of International Yoga Federation held at Bulgaria, Europe from June 26 to 28th 2019.

Vaibhav Kalpaka

NPS, HSR congratulates Vaibhav Kalpaka of Grade 5 C for successfully participating and securing the 8th position for Chess at the Commonwealth Games 2019

Film Fly Experience Australia

Film Fly Experience Australia is an International video making competition organized by Australian government. The participants had to make a video about UN sustainability goals. Aditya and Nikita made their video on clause 3 and emerged overall champions. They have won a fully sponsored trip to Australia to the University of Wollongong. The entire school is brimming with pride due to this incredible achievement.

Award by Women Economic forum

Sanjana Dixit a student of grade 12 of NPS HSR was awarded the prestigious international award “Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All” by the Women Economic Forum which is a global platform.

Sanjana is the founder of RutuChakra a youth-driven initiative aimed at making a positive change and building a society where menstruation is not treated as a taboo, but rather as a welcoming change in an individual.

RutuChakra focuses on four main things:

  • Put in place a system to ensure a regular supply of menstrual products to the identified organizations and areas
  • Ensure access to information on this topic from a reliable source. (by Conducting workshops)
  • Introduce facilities to hygienically dispose sanitary napkins
  • Promote better awareness amongst all genders to overcome embarrassment, cultural practices and taboos around this topic

Sanjana along with her 13 member team have till date helped 550+ individuals, provided 36,000+ menstrual products, conducted 11+ workshops and collaborated with 10+ NGOs. A commendable achievement indeed!

Congratulations to Sanjana and her team! Good luck for your future endeavours!

Qshala Megaminds Teachers’ Quiz

Teachers of NPSHSR are winners all the way. They are not to be left behind when it comes to winning accolades. Recently Ms. Hema Amble and Ms. Radhika Srigiriraju participated in the QSHALA MEGAMINDS TEACHERS’ QUIZ and left a deep impact when they won a prize in the event.

Congratulations to Ms. Hema Amble and Ms. Radhika Srigiriraju on their stupendous achievement!

Discovery School Super League

Pratham Krishna Prabhu of Grade 7 represented Karnataka in the prestigious DSSL-Discovery School Super League Quiz event and emerged runner-up. He won an opportunity to visit NASA after the event. Congratulations Pratham! Keep winning such laurels. Good luck!

NBA Tourney in US

Arnav Gupta of Grade 10 NPS HSR has been creating a niche for himself in the field of basketball, where he has been taking rapid strides winning accolades all the way. Arnav has now a major achievement to his credit. He has made it to the 10-member Indian boys’ team heading to the Jr NBA Global Championship, a youth basketball tournament, which will be held in Florida in August 2019.

Wishing you all the Best Arnav!