Assembly - Grade 7A, 2020-2021

Grade 7A had five assemblies this year based on themes such as compassion, acceptance, awareness, adaptability, community building. Acceptance focussed on the ability to accept what you can control and what you can’t control. Adaptability portrayed that life is going to throw you curve ball after curve ball and if you aren’t ready for them, you are going to strikeout. Awareness meant paying attention to yourself, to others, to the world around you, to emotions, to situations. Community building is part of NPS core value where we reach out, reach high and reach beyond to make people around us reach their potential.

Compassion was the theme that urged children to take the time to understand the suffering of others and hopefully, being able to do something about it. The students presented these values through PPTs and videos. The online assembly followed the regular school assembly format including school prayer, news headlines, quiz and a skit and/ or music/ dance etc., along with ‘thought of the day’.