Community Helpers

17 September 2018, seemed like the day when the FAQ posed at every child was answered. ‘What do you want to be when you become big?’

A community needs many people to pitch in for it to function well. It is important for all of us to know the ways in which Community Helpers make our lives safe and comfortable. What could be a better way than to do a role play of these helpers itself? This Show and Tell event did just that.

The Juniors and Seniors all dressed up as their favourite helpers proudly walked into the school with well - crafted props and costumes. Children depicted a wide range of people and stepped into their shoes to appreciate the work done by them. It was heart-warming to see the children expressing their thoughts of becoming a Librarian, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Nurse, Farmer and the like.

The entire Montessori building seemed to be singing...

It’s we, it’s we, it’s we who build community
La la la … roll over the ocean, roll over the sea
Come and be a part to build community!