Panchatantra Forest Meal And Dussehra Celebration - KG 1 & KG 2

Reliving the experience of people long ago, by having a ‘forest meal’ breakfast with their buddies, was a very exciting event for the Kindergarteners on 5 October, 2021.

To go with the theme of the year ‘Fables, fiction & Fantasy’ – Panchatantra, the Kindergarteners sat down to enjoy nuts, fruits and berries in leaves which served as plates. The students wore animal headgears to depict the roles of animals of the well-known book of fables.

The Kindergarten 2 students made animal puppets and listened to a Panchatantra story.

As a part of the Dusshera celebrations, the children enjoyed watching a presentation and listening to the story of ‘Ramayana’ narrated by the teachers. The significance of ‘Dusshera’ and how it is celebrated in different parts of the country was also shared with the children.

The children found the event very interesting and exciting.