Entrepreneurship Programme

Battling against the odds imposed by the pandemic, the young entrepreneurs went digital with their business pitch this year. The Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) provided the budding entrepreneurs with an opportunity to nurture their business acumen. The journey from the conceptualization of a business idea to its launch and delivery was a masterpiece of strategy and planning. The entrepreneurs conducted an extensive market survey before arriving at a workable business idea. Leveraging the tech tools, they aired home production movies based on time tested fairy tales, but with a twist. On offer was also a virtual tour of India where the students took the audience to lesser known yet culturally significant and breathtakingly beautiful historical sites of the country. Besides these, the tech savvy students designed games which the buyers could download and play at a nominal price. With an efficient and effective marketing team in place, the teams made impressive sales and reaped huge profits. The proceeds from the sale of tickets were donated to charity. The saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ resonates the spirit of this highly successful team of YEP.