History Field trip - Grade 12 - Visit to Hampi, October 2018

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site worthy of rescue and rehabilitation. Hence it was evident that for students of history, visiting Hampi had to be crossed off the bucket list.

The trip lasted three days and two nights, from the 25th of October to the 27th, the students and teachers staying at The Jungle Lodges while roaming around the streets of Hampi in open jeeps.

On the first day, after arriving at Hampi, the students were taken for a bear safari along Hampi's forests where they spent a couple of hours looking at various birds and animals and enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains and jungles. After retiring for the night post-dinner, the next day, they were up bright and early for what they'd all been eagerly awaiting; the tour through the history of this forgotten empire.

Starting from the Sasivekalu Ganapati temple, a shrine built by a mustard merchant at the Sacred Centre, the students went on to see various sites such as the famous Virupaksha temple and the Lakshmi-Narasimha temple. After a short break for lunch back at the resort, the students once again took off to visit the Royal Centre, that boasted of various grand structures like the Mahanavami dibba, the Lotus Mahal, the Vijaya Vitthala temple and of course, the famous Stone Chariot and musical pillars. Finally, the next day having checked out of the resort, the students and teachers got back onto the bus and returned to school, full of memories, knowledge and tales to tell for days to come.