Alumni Career Talk Series 2020-21 - Pranava

It is that time of the year when the students fasten their seatbelts, pull up their socks for the board exams which is just around the corner. Jumpstarting the students’ career initiative talks was Pranava Singhal of the batch 2019-2020 who set the tone for the proceedings. He emphasized on the need for having a proper blueprint of the plan of action, a well laid out schedule that can up the confidence levels. He stressed on the importance of having high energy levels and fight lethargy with regular intervals when learning. Making fresh notes on topics regardless of having written down notes early was a key to improve the grades, he added. Pranava also underlined the necessity for keeping the mobile phones away from the study station. He also indicated that the students have to indulge in listening to music and meet up with friends as they are great stress busters.

The students were truly inspired by one of their own ilk, who has who has made us proud with an outstanding aggregate of 98% in the Grade 12 Board Examinations. A Science enthusiast, Pranava was awarded the KVPY scholarship when he was in Grade 11. His eagerness to learn combined with hard work has helped him ace the Joint Entrance Examination. He is the Karnataka State topper in JEE Advanced with an enviable All India Rank of 103 and all of this was possible due to his meticulous and systematic study methodology.