Kalakriti 2019

On 22 and 23 November ’19, NPS HSR celebrated first of its kind annual event Kalakriti- a festival of literature, languages, theatre and performing arts. The show, which was a lavish spectacle of finest performances across genres and languages, began with an inaugural dance, where students performed to live music and band. Other performances included plays from the land of Shakespeare, adaption of legendary Dicken’s Christmas carol, a lyrical on the Mughal era, a skit on Hindi dialects and puppetry on the stories of Tenali Rama, to name a few. The tiny tots of Grade 3 composed limericks and recited them to eager parents and audience. Students of Grade4 performed a musical based on the story of Pied Piper but with a twist. The event also saw students perform shows in different languages including French, Hindi, Sanskrit and Kannada. The Sanskrit play on the story of Punyakoti touched the heart of the audience and the eloquent delivery of dialogues in French for the play on French Revolution left them visibly impressed. The Bard Unplugged by the students of Grade 2 had an interesting bi-lingual narration of the Harikathe in both English and Kannada. Students of Grade6 donned the hat of entrepreneurs and sold a plethora of hand-crafted products. The school appeared soaked in the festive spirit with all the buzz, colours and lights, and the parents and guests were left spell-bound at the remarkable display of talent and versatility.