Colour Palette

Colours are not only exciting for a child, but they also aid with their learning and in connecting with the world around them. As part of the theme of the month- ‘Colour Palette’, Montessori children at GMC, HSR engaged in activities ranging from colouring and pasting to games songs, stories and rhymes on colours. 22 July 2022 was a ‘dress-up day’ where the Montessori children came in the colours of the rainbow. Montessori seniors gained hands-on experience with colour mixing and also learnt about colour tones, tints, shades besides learning some interesting facts about the colours in nature. Newton’s colour disc in action enthused the students and helped them understand more about the rainbow and how it is formed. The month-long celebration of colours ended with a ‘Show and Tell’ session ‘Crayola’ on 29 July 2022.