Montessori Sankranti 2022-2023

Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival of India, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at GMC-HSR on 13th January 2023. Montessori students came to school dressed in the traditional attires of the various states celebrating this festival and learned the different names the festival is known by in India. The day began with the chanting of the Gayathri mantra, and the children were involved in various art and craft activities centred on the theme of Sankranti. The Senior Montessori students relished the kite-making activity, and it was fascinating to see the wide range of colourful kites that were made. Decorative pieces like the Pongal pot with sugarcanes, kites and cows reinforced the festive spirit. The dance by the little ones on a Tamil Pongal song was well-received. The students made Sankranti cards and exchanged it with their family and friends.