Montessori - Show and Tell

It was thrilling to see furry and feathered little ones in school as part of the Show and Tell on 29th January, 2019.

Children’s imagination is limitless and opportunities given through events such as show and tell give their imagination a free rein. What better way to introduce them to the wonderful world of animal kingdom! Children always have fun and absorb better when their learning happens by way of an activity. They benefit cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally through such activities.

We got to see wild, domestic, farm and even aquatic animals. Children, big and small, dressed up as dinosaurs, elephants, giraffes, dolphins, cows, rabbits, tigers, bears and dogs, to name a few. The King of the jungle was the favourite of many. They introduced the animals through books, songs, charts, cuddly soft toys etc. They spoke about animals, their homes, young ones and sounds they make. It was heartening to see such young children read out animal facts, talk about endangered species and also the need to protect the environment. Some of them spoke about their pets with a sense of pride.

Besides being fun, the show and tell event was also very informative. It spread the message of love, respect and appreciation for the animals that share our planet.