Parent Engagement Programme

It is truly heart-warming to note that we at NPSHSR have a very dynamic group of parents who not only love interacting with the young students but are also keen to share their expertise with them. This motivated us to start the Parent Engagement Program for grade 7, where the parents come forward to engage with the students sharing their knowledge and skill. This year was the third year of the program that was held from 30 July, 2019 -3rd August, 2019.

The week-long programme started with a talk on the Internet of Things followed by Artificial Intelligence on the second day which included some interesting activities. Then the next few days saw the students learn about Acupressure, Deep breathing and meditation, donning their chef’s cap to prepare tasty salads during a session on Cold Kitchen. The highlight of the day for them was the preparation of home-made Nutella, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Finally a session on Space opened for the students the various elements of the vast universe. On the final day, the students put up a grand show to express their gratitude to the parents, who made the event a roaring success with their enthusiastic participation.