Pre-Primary Celebrating of "CHANDRAYAAN" creating history

Creating history- ‘feeling on top of the moon’.

The excitement of Chandrayaan-3 landing on Wednesday, 23 August was the talk of the day. The entire campus buzzed with anecdotes about the much-awaited event. The presentation at school ignited curiosity which resulted in children's creative drawings of rockets. Teachers and children alike were all glued to their devices to witness the historic moment.

Thursday, August 24th, the school echoed with patriotic numbers as we celebrated the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3. Children participated in the making of a rocket with flowers and rangoli, adding fervor to our Onam celebration. The Ariel photo shoot captured the salute to the heroes of team ISRO. Children chanted in unison, “We salute you team ISRO. We love you. Jai Hind”. Chocolates were distributed to our little ones to spread the joy of this memorable moment.