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Kindergarten Annual Day 2023

Karnataka Vaibhava - Annual day- 15, December 2023.

“It is the time to cheer, to celebrate, to inspire and to be inspired as every action is a performance”

Karnataka Vaibhava, our initiative for the year, aimed to introduce our students to the culture and heritage of Karnataka. During the course of the year, the students were exposed to different aspects of Karnataka including its cuisine, language, culture, tradition, and places of interest. The Annual day, on 15 December, marked the culmination of all the activities conducted throughout the year.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the kindergarteners, and the excitement was palpable in the air. The venue was set up to resonate with the theme of the event. The Principal addressed the gathering, and the programme commenced with a beautiful song by the nightingales of Kindergarten.

The Kindergarteners showcased the history and culture of the glorious land of Karnataka through their alluring performances. The event featured dance, drama and music, and the little ones mesmerized the audience with their captivating performances. The parents were left spellbound by the spectacular show put up by the little ones, and they carried home memories for a lifetime.

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