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Mathletes 2022-2023

‘Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe’
- Galileo

This was remarkably portrayed by the students of Grade 1 in their annual event Mathletes on 21st January 2023. The show had a wholesome script involving various scenarios explaining the importance and the usage of Mathematics in everyday life. The journey of numbers starting from how people counted in ancient times using bones and sticks to usage of Abacus and finally to the digital transformation in the modern world was aptly demonstrated. The performance included skits, songs, dances, rap, trivia, and riddles. The skits were a good mix of information and fun portraying real life situations at home and in school. The songs had tunes of rhymes and famous numbers with catchy lyrics on Math. The foot tapping dance numbers were peppy and were a delight to watch. The audience were captivated by the facts presented in the Trivia and were entertained with riddles. The striking costumes, exuberant energy and the vibrant colours enriched the show. It was evident that the children enjoyed putting up a stimulating show that enthralled the audience who thoroughly loved every minute of it.

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