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Montessori Annual Day 2023

V4U- Treasure Trove of Tales

Montessori Annual Day was held on Saturday, 9 December 2023, at TISB Training Academy Auditorium. The show was themed on the initiative of the year, ‘Be Kind to Every Kind’. Our Principal, Ms. Shefali Tyagi, graced the occasion and addressed the gathering.

The day featured many attractions, including a kindness poll, gallery walk, student-made recycled craft, V4U and handmade stage props. The colourful Christmas decorations in the spacious auditorium added to the charm of the day. Confident narrators, actors, and dancers were all set to captivate the parents with their 'Treasure Trove of Tales'.

The programme commenced with an invocation dance seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The musical drama, 'The Enormous Turnip' ,conveyed the message that both humans and animals possess unique strengths, and together they can achieve wonders. 'Lara the Yellow Ladybug' sparked the idea that diversity is beautiful while 'Gajapathi Kulapathi' reinforced the value of love and kindness towards everyone. The most riveting performance was the formation during ‘Grand Finale ‘and children saying in unison “We love you”. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervour.

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