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Montessori Trip to TISB

Field Trips are a wonderful way to make memories...

The field trip to TISB on 21 July 2023 marked a joyous and refreshing experience for both the children and teachers. After a prolonged period of restrictions due to the pandemic, resuming field trips brought back a sense of excitement and adventure for the students.

The day began with a warm welcome for the children with a refreshing drink and delicious sandwiches, setting the perfect tone for a memorable outing. TISB's sprawling campus, with its vast grounds, park, and sandpit, provided an excellent opportunity for the children to engage in various outdoor activities.

Lunchtime was a delightful affair, with all the children relishing the spread of food provided. The bus ride to and from TISB was filled with laughter, chatter, and endless stories of the day's adventures, creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere.

Students thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the outing, from the fun activities to the delicious meals and the excitement of travelling on a bus with their friends and teachers. The trip not only helped create cherished memories but also contributed to the holistic development of the children.

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