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Ms. Anusha Arun
Mr. Anup Chandra
Kaashvi Sankrityayan

Our daughter Kaashvi joined the NPS HSR family when she couldn't even write. Today, she surprises us each day with her newfound knowledge and inquisitiveness to learn more. The caring atmosphere, amazing teachers, and their focus on quality learning exceeded our hopes. Also, the variety of extracurriculars and programs to aid learning have really boosted her growth. Seeing her so happy and thriving at school is a true testament to the impact of this place on her. We forever remain thankful for this incredible educational experience!

Chandan Kumar
Parent of Miss Kaashvi Sankrityayan

Very good school. My son is very happy and always looks forward to coming to class.Excellent teachers. They inspire the kids.

Sumana Mitra
Parent of Shaylan Sinha
Sumana Mitra
Srija Bhattacharya

We are fortunate to start Srija’s academic journey from the beginning with National Public School, HSR. In the last 6 years from the time Srija started her schooling many things changed. During the pandemic time schooling moved to online mode and then slowly came back to normalcy. It was not an easy task and with enormous effort from the teachers and administrators it was a seamless transition and easy for both Srija and us. All the information we used to get through the online portal made our life easier. The relentless effort by the teachers and administrators for continuous improvement based on the feedbacks has been remarkable. The new website planned promises to be more insightful, dynamic, engaging, and user friendly while upholding the high-quality standards that NPS stands for. We are delighted to be part of the exciting project of redesigning the school website together with teachers and administrators. Teachers and administrators thank you once again for your effort towards making a better future for our kids.

Bijayeeta and Sumanta
Parents of Srija Bhattacharya

We are very happy with our decision to entrust NPS, HSR with our daughter’s education. Our experience has been exceptional. The teachers are truly devoted to educating the children and contribute whole-heartedly to their growth as learners. They teach valuable lessons, communication, and leadership skills. They have a perspective of education that extends beyond the classroom. NPS, HSR provides excellent learning environment to develop my child’s abilities not only in academics, but also in extracurricular activities.

Sandeep Uchil and Jagruti Patel
Parents of Aahana Uchil
Aahana's parents
Pranav's parents

Past 2 years have been incredibly challenging for all of us. The fear of the unknown and the epic proportions of this pandemic has been overwhelming. As parents, our child’s mental, physical and emotional well-being is of paramount importance to all of us. School plays a major role across these facets and I am glad to be associated with NPS HSR as a proud parent. The Teachers, Principal and the Institution have been adept in managing the crisis and ensuring the child’s continued development and progress despite such a challenging environment. The pedagogy, process and approach has been extremely child friendly while ensuring learning in a comfortable environment. As Theodore Rosevelt said more than a century ago, “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are”, NPS HSR has done its best and some more! Thank you and we look forward to physical schooling!

Vijayalakshmi S & Krishnan MV
Parents of Pranav Krishnan

Our journey with our ward at NPS HSR has been remarkable. Right from KG till date, our daughter has been enjoying every moment of her school.

NPS HSR gives a holistic approach to education in all aspects, being it only in academics, extra -curricular, life skills, sports, discipline, technology, etc. This gives the students lot of exposure to many fields and hence they can identify their interests as well.

The bonding between the teachers and students in every grade is filled with warmth, and it helps the students to approach the teachers without any inhibitions.

As parents we all take care of the upbringing of our child, but the environment the school provides, matters a lot to the overall foundation of the child and NPS does its best in nurturing every student.

With the introduction of the online classes, all the teachers, and support staff have done a remarkable job in keeping the system of education wheel moving so that our kids feel connected, as they were in school. We salute the faculty for trying out different online approaches to continue the journey of learning as much as seamless it would have been offline at school. Thanks to NPS HSR and good luck always!!

Debasmita & Niranjan
Parents of Shreya K
Shreya's parents

We have visited the school numerous times and have a sense of pride and appreciation each time we do so. NPS is an institution in which students learn and exhibit development in various aspects.

Since we had moved back to India, it has been a dream for us to have our son studying here and see his capabilities develop in the right way. As excellent educators, the teachers of NPS strive to bring out the best in each child and the management of NPS only choose the best for their students.

We are glad to have made the right choice as we see our son grow as a person and find his own space in life with confidence. We cannot thank the school and teachers enough for the wonderful experience they are providing for our child.

Prema and Girish
Parents of Agastya
Ms. Savitha
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