Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

At NPS, we trust that meaningful education must aim at the overall development of children by empowering them with curricular knowledge coupled with life skills, thereby preparing them for the future. The Young Entrepreneurship Program of NPS HSR embodied this sentiment. The program progressed through four stages - Project launch, market survey and business pitch, production phase and market day. The event was aligned to the UNSD Goals, and the proceeds from the market day were donated to a Charitable organization-a gesture in line with 'Reduce Poverty', one of the 11 goals listed by the UN. The products sold were broadly classified under the categories of science, culture and virtual tour. Students created websites to sell their homemade science-based products and helped visitors enjoy a virtual tour of India and experience its rich culture. The venture reaped huge profit, which was donated to an NGO named Karunashraya.